Summer museum’s night 2012

Summer museum’s night 2012

On Saturday, the 16th of June 2012, you’re all kindly invited to this year’s Summer museum’s night.

In cooperation with the City Museum of Ljubljana, we’re preparing a family entertaining day in a roman way. The event will take place from 17:00 till 19:00
in three recently renovated archaeological parks as following:

– In Emonska hiša (House of Emona, Mirje 4) we’ll be making roman jewellry in brooches.
At 18:00 you’ll be able to witness the engagement of two young Romans.

– Near the Roman wall (Mirje) we’ll be preparing for battle making shields and helmets, which will come to use at 19:00 in a real roman battle.
The emperor Titus Flavius Vaespasianus himself will come to visit the young soldiers and watch the catapult shooting.

– In the Early christian centre (Erjavčeva cesta 18) we’ll be making a roman mosaic, playing ancient games, learn how roman women dressed
and you’re also be able to become a true roman fashion creator.

The event will culminate at 20:00 in the Early christian centre with a roman wedding.

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