RAT Conference 2012

On the 3rd and 4th of March we hosted the members of the web forum/community for warfare in the ancient world http://www.ancient-warfare.org/rat/ , readers of Ancient Warfare Magazine and some other individuals.
The community allows its members to discuss the military aspects of old civilizations, spanning from the Romans and Greeks in the west, to Babylonians and Persians in the east. Besides that, an international conference is organized each year, where members meet, debate, visit local archaeological remains and exchange knowledge of recent breakthroughs, news, findings in person.
To the participants arriving from many European countries were shown some of our sights, and given an insight into the local people and cuisine. We took a tour around Ljubljana, seen the prehistoric settlement and the place of an ancient battle in Šmihel pod Nanosom, walked through the remains of the ancient Ajdovščina and explored the roman forts at Hrušica and Lanišče.
In the lecture hall of the National Museum the lectures by Jure Kusetič, Boštjan Laharnar, Jurjen Draaisma, dr. Janka Istenič, Miha Franca and dr. Andrej Gaspari took place, and expanded the participants’ knowledge about the local and general roman history and archaeology.
More pictures are found here

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