Dear visitors of our english website branch. Last year we were quite busy and so we haven’t managed to properly translate our articles in time. To make up we prepared a review of the past years’ most important activities.

Vespesjan began the year volinteering at the Department of Paediatrics of the University Medical Centre Ljubljana, where we enhanced the everyday of children, who where compelled to spend their time in a hospital bed.

On the International Museum Day we took the invite of the City Museum of Ljubljana and  entertained and educated visitors of the archaeological parcs scattered across the capital.

During the summer we »fought« on many different fronts. Together with the Cermics and Pottery Association of Slovenia we learned how to make ceramic pottery; despite rain we participated on the 6th Roman Games at Ptuj; during the International Ceramics Days in Izola our member Iris Bekljanov Zidanšek held an open lecture about roman ceramics; we carefully watched for possible cheaters at the sports event Spartacus’ Run; we participated in the making of a documentary about roman ceramics, produced by the national television; and together with our fellow friends from Legio I Italica we drenched and sweated on the late roman forts at Hrušica and Lanišče.

At the end we would like to note that during the whole past year there was made a lot of effort on the promotion of the 2000th anniversary of Emona, that culminated at the World Trade Market in London.

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